The Corner Shopkeeper… 38 years old.

Thursday serves people with what they need; milk, loo roll, chocolate and advice. His corner shop has been in the family for four generations. He was always going to take over from his mum one day and so he did and that’s fine. 

He enjoys his work and believes that it is important. It is not as busy now as it was when he was a kid but it still provides him with a decent living and it also leaves him time to think and for his mind to wander. 

He left school early but has always loved learning. He learns from books, from the internet, by observing the people that pass by his shop and talking to the ones that come in. Sometimes he wonders what he might have done and where he might have travelled if he had not been tied to the shop. 

With the death of the old man, his thoughts have returned to his future and what it might hold, but mostly he worries for the futures of the old man’s grandson and the girl living upstairs.

Just a Second…

The closing of the old man’s workshop will bring uncertainty to the street and to his business future. Thursday can see that. What he can’t see is that events are about to take place that will test the limits of his patience and tolerance, overturn his whole world view and challenge every aspect of his life: head, heart, hands and feet. Change is coming and his ability or inability to act will determine whether that change is for better or for worse.