The Business Man… 65 years old.

A long time ago, when he was only 16 years old, Saturday left school to begin work in the family business. It was his father’s decision and that was that. The boy missed school to start with but liked earning money and he tried to learn what his father wanted to teach him. 

His father was always strict and often critical. That was his way. He was a tough man. 

The business of the family was renovating and managing buildings for an investor from the city. When the investor sometimes dropped by the office on his way to play golf, his father would suddenly be charming. He’d nod and smile at the investor and offer him drinks and the young man knew then that somehow, one day he would find a way to be an investor too. 

He suggested ways that they could make more money from their deal with the investor but his father always said no. “Too sharp, too risky.” “That’s not the way it’s done” and he was in charge so no meant no. 

The young man was not tough like his father but he was smart and he was patient. So he waited. He waited for a very long time until finally, his father was too old to be in charge and he could do things the way he wanted. He took a risk here and did a sharp deal there and he began to make more money. 

By the time the investor finally pulled out, Saturday had made nearly enough money to become an investor himself. Now he just needs one more deal to realise his dream. Now, suddenly the old man next door has died and his daughter needs help…

Just a Second…

He is determined to do whatever it takes to shape his own future and that it won’t look anything like his father’s…