Making a difference
Making a life
Making a living

We develop innovative approaches and resources that enable young people to create their vision for the future. We are passionate about helping them realise their potential and make their difference. Together we can empower future generations to be the best they can be.

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Our portfolio

We’d love to share our creative tools, techniques and programmes with you to help you help others to make a difference, make a life and make a living. 


Realising potential and creating inspiring futures


Making a difference through positive social action

Words of Wisdom

Connecting generations to make a difference together


Developing personalised pathways to be the best we can be

Just a Second

Maximising potential by unlocking creativity

Windmills Resources

Enabling you to help others

When the wind blows…
some people build walls
others build windmills

Discover your strengths

We make our greatest difference in life when we maximise the skills we love using and are good at. Explore your strengths here.