Our approach

We take a whole life, whole person, whole organisation, whole community approach.

Whole Life

We see our life as a week with each day representing 12 years. We are all born on a Monday morning, 12 years old on Monday night, 24 Tuesday evening. We celebrate our 60th birthday on Friday night, reach 84 on Sunday and hopefully enjoy a long Bank Holiday! 

By starting early and equipping Mondays and Tuesdays with positive attitudes, beliefs, skills, motivations and resilience, we can help them maximise the rest of their week.

Whole Person

We take a person-centred approach and look at the whole of their lives – their working, learning, playing and giving. 

We encourage young people to create an inspiring vision for their future based on their unique skills, passions, values and experiences, and enable them to make this real through a creative blend of working, learning, playing and giving opportunities.  

Whole Organisation

We realise sustainable change for young people in schools, colleges, higher education and employment requires more than a quick fix, one-off activity. 

We realise there is a need to ensure the enabling architecture, behaviours and cultures are in place to maximise lasting change.

Whole Community

We help young people play their part in their local community from the earliest possible age by finding purposes that are meaningful to them and creating opportunities to make a difference however big or small. 

We encourage young people to look beyond themselves (ME), and work with others (WE), to address needs in their local community (THEM) to benefit everyone (US).