Realising potential and creating inspiring futures.

iCan is an aspirational programme of resources enabling young people to create a meaningful vision for their futures, connect with others and contribute to making it real.

It contains a series of creative and engaging activities, associated resources and enabler notes explaining how the activities can be facilitated.

Delivery of the iCan programme and resources can be tailored to the needs of the young people you are supporting. It is very flexible and can be offered on a one to one or group basis, as a full programme or as individual activities. It can support young people in primary, secondary, further and higher education and has also successfully been used in transition to the workplace via apprenticeship provision and employer initiatives. 

iCan is a dynamic process of creating, connecting and contributing which is most effective when these elements are used simultaneously. Explore each of the elements of iCan for yourself where you will find the activities, enablers notes and resources:

iCan has three elements


Helps you create an inspiring vision for your future based on a deep understanding of your strengths, passions, values and motivations.

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Helps you develop your circle of support to ensure your vision becomes a reality. It enables you to connect with the right people who can build your confidence, generate new ideas, give you advice, encourage and challenge you as well as being positive role models and critical friends. 

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Enables you to shape your own personalised pathway to achieve your vision. This pathway will include a creative blend of working, learning, playing and giving opportunities that are right for you.

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