Developing personalised pathways to be the best we can be.

GROWTH is an intensive mentoring programme of support for young people enabling personalised curriculum through – Giving, Resilience, Opportunities, Well-being, Transition and Hope (GROWTH).

Co-created with head teachers, local communities, and businesses the GROWTH programme has been used to provide a creative, proven and engaging alternative curriculum for young people. Those benefitting include young people with special educational needs, challenges with confidence and mental well-being, individuals with low aspirations and motivations as well as those at risk of exclusion. 

GROWTH has 3 core elements – Create, Connect and Contribute – that combine to help young people realise their potential. You can explore these in more detail:

We Create

Enables young people to create an inspiring vision for their future which is right for them.

We Connect

Develops a caring and trusting relationship with a mentor from the local community.

We Contribute

Shapes a personalised pathway of GROWTH opportunities to realise a young person’s vision for the future.