Our vision and values

Inspiring and empowering young people to live their best lives and make their unique difference in the world.

Our vision is to creatively collaborate with like-minded partners on exciting projects that inspire and empower young people to live their best lives and make their unique difference in the world.

We do this by supporting enablers to help young people to:


Create inspiring visions for their futures based on a deep understanding of their unique skills, passions, values and motivations in life.


Connect with their support communities who provide help, guidance, encouragement and inspiration to make their vision real.


Contribute in a practical and meaningful way to their local communities making a lasting difference.

We cannot claim to practice what we preach without committing to the values that underpin the work we do and how we do it.

Our values are not just words on a website or business card but are words that shape how we live and breathe every day. It’s the way we do what we do.


We believe whole-heartedly in what we do, enthusiastically building windmills for ourselves and influencing policy, the profession, and practitioners about the difference this work makes to young people’s lives.


We continually innovate and develop new tools, techniques and programmes as part of the growing Windmills Portfolio to inspire individuals to reach their full potential.


We enable young people to take control for themselves by equipping them with a toolkit for life through our programmes and resources.


We actively share our resources, training others to use them and co-create new approaches with any partners who share similar visions and values.


We commit our own time and skills to needs in our communities, encouraging and enabling others to do the same, fulfil their potential and make their difference.

Our hope is to inspire and empower future generations to harness the winds of change in their lives by building windmills not walls.