The Business Man’s Niece… 29 years old.

Wednesday has been working with her uncle for a year now. Her mum organised it. She didn’t know her uncle well but he had been running his business by himself for a while and, according to her mum, he was in a “right state”. 

She has been temping for a few years but was looking for a steady income and organising is her thing. That was a while ago. Now, the place is tidy, the calendar organised and office is running like a clock. 

As she often reminds her uncle, she is now “indispensable”. He agrees and apparently has big plans for the business and for her. 

She’s not sure she wants to be part of any “big plans” but she is enjoying the regular money. She works hard and likes to think she plays hard too. 

She loves her regular nights out with “the girls”, is finally learning to drive and has booked herself on a “salsa dancing cruise” next summer. 

She doesn’t see her long term future working with her uncle but for now… 

Just a Second… 

The old man dying has set in motion, events that will challenge her head and her heart in ways that she would never have thought possible and the choices Wednesday will face could shape more than just her own future.