Making a difference through positive social action.

SMILE is a positive social action challenge for young people to Share their unique skills and talents for a Meaningful purpose in their community that creates an Impact, leaves a Lasting legacy and engages Everyone (SMILE). 

SMILE can either be delivered as a 6 – 8 week programme, as part of a termly theme or embedded within a whole year’s provision. It is best delivered in small teams of 4-6 individuals, has been applied with nursery pupils through to those in employment, and can be enhanced by integrating with other personal development programmes, supported by community mentors and linked to academic curriculum. 

Explore SMILE in 3 simple steps where you will also find the enablers notes and resources:

We Care

We Care helps you explore the needs in your local community and identify a cause or issue that is meaningful to you and one where you feel you can make a difference.

We Count

We Count enables you to pinpoint where you can make the greatest difference by maximising the skills that you both love using and are good at.

We Contribute

We Contribute provides a blueprint to share your skills for something meaningful making an impact, leaving a legacy and engaging everyone (SMILE).