Helping you create an inspiring vision for your future.

Welcome to iCan Create which is designed to help you develop a meaningful vision and goal for your future based on a deep and honest understanding of your unique skills, passions, attitudes, values and motivations in life.

iCan Create consists of seven practical activities that can be used in any order and can be revisited any number of times:


Making a start
Take the first steps to gain a fresh perspective on the best you can be

Think It

Developing a healthy mindset.
Explore life’s ups and downs and how your response can positively influence your future.

See It

Creating a meaningful vision
Picture what you really value and see as important in life to ensure your vision is meaningful to you.

Feel It

Focusing on what I care about
Uncover your real passions, interests and motivations and how you can bring these to life.

Touch It

Playing to my strengths.
Discover the skills you love using and are really good at and how you can maximise these.

Be It

Being the best I can be
Create an inspiring and meaningful vision for the whole of your life – your working, learning, playing and giving

Do It

Making it happen
Develop a personalised pathway to overcome obstacles, and maximise opportunities to make your vision a reality.