Helping you develop your circle of support to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Welcome to iCan Connect which is designed to help you link with a support network of people who can help you achieve your vision. The encouragement, positive challenge and support they offer will enable you to believe in yourself, realise your potential and make your difference. 

iCan Connect consists of three practical activities that can be used in any order and can be revisited any number of times or when combined together build, develop and grow an effective support network as you progress through life.

Reach It

Realising people can help me
Map out all the people who can help you from different aspects of your life.

Ask It

Asking the right people.
Identify what kind of help you need and who are the best people to provide it.

Hear It

Listening to what people say.
Reflect on the advice and feedback you receive and take action